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What a strange episode!!! I can only wonder why Brandon even bothered to sign up to do this Survivor or why the producers signed him on because there are so many other contestants who would have been far bettter value and more entertainmening than Brandon was first time round and certainly this season. He just comes off as a "try hard" IMO and has none of the same snark and deviousness of Uncle Russell ( who I have seen enough of also) I agree that Philip and Brandon seem to be the full focus of the favourites and I will personally be happy to not see Brandon and that stupid piece of stick poking out of his ear nor listening to his rantings of deciding which performer he should be for the camera's. I may be totally wrong and of course I have no idea what is would be like to be on Survivor but I did not buy that Brandon was having some kind of breakdown but rather he wanted "off" and wanted to make sure he left with as much drama and mayheim as possible. Looking forward to next week.
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