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I'm actually open to the idea and kind of interested if Belle were to come back to Salem in the midst of the Brady and Kristen relationship and impending engagement/ marriage. It would be interesting to see her perspective and how she will interact with Brady and Kristen. Plus, Brady has had a very close relationship with Belle (kind of a soft spot for Brady since she is her little sister)...I don't know, it's easier to "rebel" or go against your parents (John and Marlena), but I always get an impression that Brady would probably "more torn" had Belle been more around to throw her 2 cents. (but that's just me). More than that, I'd love to see a Kristen + Belle confrontation. Would love it for her to bring up that she got poisoned by Kristen's chocolates which were meant for Marlena in 1998 (unfortunately, they don't know it was the penicilin-laid chocolates from Kristen that poisoned her lol).
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