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^ My face watching DAYS

Alec is not using the veto for sure....the ceremony has not happened yet, but it is a 100% gurantee he is not using it.

Also the entire house is voting Tom our except for AJ & Talla, who are being intentionally kept in the dark so they don't tell Tom what is going to happen.

They are going to be told last minute which way the house is voting and they can switch if they want to.

Oh and Gary/Topaz have Peter/Alec, the Quattro and the Liza/Peter alliance figured out. They also have Jillian figured out and neither one trusts her AT all or is falling for her "sweet innocent girl" routine.

They also are guessing that this Thursday will be a DE (which it will be).

Those two are very intuitive...I am quite impressed with their game play so far.
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