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I love Reynold too and Eddie...OMG HE IS GORGEOUS! LOL

I can't stand Sherry. I used to like her for the first 2 episodes, not so much anymore. When she was saying "It was so hard to keep quiet after Reynold said that Laura(?) was the reason we kept losing and yet look, we lost again" She is such a nimrod. HELLO, YOUR COCONUTS ENDED UP EVERYWHERE BUT THE FUCKING BASKET!

I loathe Brandon and I am glad he's gone. His "meltdown" was nothing but to get attention. His last stint did nothing to gain popularity, unlike Russell, whom he kept on comparing himself to so he had to switch it up a bit to keep the Heintz (gag) name popular. If anything Brandon reminded more of Willie from BB and his meltdown.

I wish Philip would've joined him too, can't stomach him either.
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