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I'm so disappointed in Marisa. She talked such big game before she debuted. I was excited. Unfortunately, she failed to deliver when faced with any sort of confrontation. I won't miss her next season.

I do like how Yolanda doesn't feed into the bullshit.

I'm usually Team Faye, but she really had no business putting herself into the middle of Brandi, Yolanda and Marisa. Yes, Marisa wasn't exactly in a fair fight, but there was no real fight going on. It wasn't necessary for Marisa to have any back up. Faye's decision to come to her friend's defense really did her no favors...this time.

Brandi isn't to blame for Adrienne and Paul's marriage falling apart. So again, I have to disagree with Faye. Paul and Adrienne have problems that have been apparent since we met them two seasons ago. The bickering seemed to be what made them work, but since this marriage has ended, we've found much more about the two that is very dark. And definitely proves their problems went deeper than anything Brandi said on the show.

I saw clips from the reunion and it looks like it's going to be intense as predicted. As Andy Cohen just said on WWHL, Kim came to that reunion, guns a-blazing. It's a much different Kim than we're used to seeing. And just when I was starting to like Yolanda, the dig she gave Kim really soured her in my eyes. In the clip, Kim is telling Lisa that Yolanda told her Lisa wasn't Kim's real friend. Yolanda denies it, and then questions if Kim even remembers that night when Kim insists it happened. It was such a sick move. And of course, Brandi laughs. The trashbox she is. Well, don't count Kim out. She quickly defended herself to Yolanda. Kyle even came to her sister's defense. And then the clip cut off, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes.
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