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^ My face watching DAYS

Ok so Topaz lost her collective shit on Tom and Liza for doing what they did to Alec.

Apparently Topaz called Tom a douchebag and said everyone in this game hates him and is lying to his face and called him out on trying to ruin Alec's reputation outside of this game. She then said he looks like a fool for falling for such a whore like Liza, to which Liza then threatened to punch Topaz in the face and Topaz basically told Liza to try her best because she is positive who would be on the winning side of that exchange....Liza backed off, went inside and started bitching to anyone that would listen about Topaz. Topaz and Tom continued to go at it outside.

Everything is calmed down now....but Topaz and Liza are absolutely done with each other in this game, are open about their hatred of each other and are no longer going to hide it.

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