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^ My face watching DAYS

Emmett and Jillian spilled the beans to Tom that he is going, not Liza...they are telling him to fight for votes (can those two jump off a cliff please!). They also told him that Liza has played him the entire time....so now he is done with her and thinks she has played him for a fool on national tv.

Alec found out Emmett spilled the beans and got mad at him for fucking everything up. Basically Alec had to smooth everything over with Tom and told him he is not going (he is lying) and now Tom thinks he is staying again.

Alec told Topaz and Gary that Emmett spilled the beans, so now they are all pissed at Emmett and don't trust him as much.

Tom now plans to keep his distance from Liza and work for votes for the next two days. He also is planning to appologize to Topaz and Gary and tell them Liza sabotaged his game (ugh, yah Tom...its all Liza's fault...douche)
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