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I miss fun Brandi of Season two. Sigh. I just think she is a classless, fame-hungry jerk. Sometimes I see glimmers of the old Brandi.

Lisa's face in the reunion looks weird...?

I am sad seeing Paul and Adrienne's marriage fall apart. I really loved them together. They made me laugh.

I don't really like Andy's tone when speaking about Adrienne. It's her life, she shared it for three years, obviously things got a little personal this season. He's made a lot of money off of her and the rest of the girls. I just think he came off as judgey and rude. Kids are involved, and he needs to relax. It's Adrienne's life. And this is her job.

I'm not sure if Fay has a right to interject herself into the situation, but I would. If someone had attacked two of my closest friends like that, I'd say something too. Whether I'd be right or wrong, eh. I'd do it.

I don't think Taylor will be back. Her storyline this year was a little Zzzzzz.

I still think Marissa is hilarious. I like her.
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