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NO one likes this pairing...NO ONE...we can all see there is no chemistry...NONE!
I disagree. The chemistry between Reeves and Christian is there. Has been since day one. It's the writing that makes it hard to support the pairing. Reeves and Christian can't sell it all the way if the writing isn't there.
I agree about the writing but disagree about any chemistry between SC and MR. I know chemistry is subjective to each viewer, but I don't think SC has it with anyone really. The only time I saw any spark between him and anyone was with NB during Danloe 1.0. However, I couldn't get past the sleaze factor to really root for them. The problem for me is and has always been SC's "acting" opposite everyone. The majority of the time, he stands there with a blank look on his face and doesn't emote anything whatsoever. Except for some of his scenes with the little one playing Parker, he shows a little more personality.
I think they have kind of a cutesy chemistry. The writing for them has been so contrived from the beginning though. I actually think they'd have worked okay if they'd have stopped screaming over the their heads "LOOK HOW CUTE WE ARE!" Of course the second Jack set foot back in Salem any chemistry they ever had was so quickly blown away by the chemistry with MA and MR that it really doesn't stand a chance now, IMO.
Contrived is the key word. The writers never gave them a real story or any substance, instead they slapped them together and had them telling each other how wonderful each other is over and over, then suddenly they were "in love" and we're all supposed to love them and root for them. The fact that they have to constantly bring in a third party to make them interesting shows what a boring bust of a couple they are. Without someone causing them issues, all they would do is sit around and stare at each other say: "You are awesome and perfect. No, YOU are awesome and perfect." etc. etc. That's not entertaining. I really think that they should have made Daniel Jonas a sleazy player and not tried the good guy crap with him. Now that could have worked.
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