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Mar 18 2013, 04:47 PM
Miss Rhi
Mar 9 2013, 08:59 PM
I wish they'd make Milo more of a character. Has he ever been more then Sonny's muscle? He'd be cute with Ellie (if and when she and Spin break up) or even Sabrina as an alternative to Patrick.
He's my first choice for Ellie for when her and Spinelli break up, it'll eventually happen and I liked the little bit of interaction they had when Spinelli stood her up for Christmas? I can't remember it was too long ago.

I haven't posted in forever, just been busy and I'm about a week behind (last episode I saw was when the charges for Todd were dropped and he's now a free man) but I just wanted to know....

When exactly did Todd fall in love with Carly? I've been watching and I found that declaration to be quite annoying. Was it when they were officially a couple for half a day? Did it happen when Carly was still in love with Johnny and all irritated after Connie revealed she and him were married? Did it happen when Todd was caught trying to get his passport and he saw her awful haircut for the first time? All these lovey feelings between the two of them are based on what exactly? So friggin' annoying.

I'm so over Sabrina, she was cute for like half a second and now I'm tired of her. She bores me to tears. I figure the sooner her and Patrick get together, the sooner we can have Robin back.

Don't mind the Connie/Sonny/Kate mess so much, well at least until Kate resurfaced again. I was hoping they were just going to keep Connie as the main and eventually integrate Kate in and be done with it. Have Sonny fall for her as Connie and that's that.

I've really learned to like Olivia. When I first started watching again (when OLTL was first introduced) she bugged me. And I realized that mostly had to do with the fact that she was with Steven Lars...he is a borefest and I'm glad he's gone. I hope they utilize her more with him not being around.

Speaking of borefests...SO over Michael & Starr. Starr is painfully boring around him. And how much did I HATE the one year anniversary of Cole/Hope's death - it was all about Michael/Starr's relationship. Having them make out at the crash site and her leaving the family picture at the side of the road was distasteful and rude.

As much as I think Mac & Felicia should be together in the end, mostly for Mac's sake - seeing the old school flashbacks of Frisco/Felicia warmed my heart. Duke and Anna, snooze. Kevin/Lucy are always nice but I'm wondering how long before the Scott/Laura/Luke thing blows over and Scott is left to find another obsession (if they all stay on canvas).

Oh and I always enjoy it when Todd/Heather share scenes, they're so funny together.

I know, all of this has most likely been covered. I'll try to get up to date so my comments aren't so random and have nothing to do with what you all are talking about currently LOL.

the love really show up after they had sex and carly find the trurt and god mad on

did you saw the part todd say to carly she is the only friend he ever had entire life

[to bad he said to blair too]
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