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Marisa wreaked of trying to jump on the popular bandwagon. Thinking Brandi is trying to seduce her husband ... fuck off. I'm glad she's done. She talked a huge game before her debut, and on twitter, but it's all fizzle on air. And when it was clear who was winning the Adrienne vs Brandi popularity battle after filming she sure switched teams quickly.

Yolonda ... LOVE. Yes Adrienne, Kyle, Camille, why can't you say it to her face? If Kim of all people can call her a god-damned bitch to her face why can no one else?

Speaking of, not sure I've seen the part where Brandi threw Camille under the bus like she claims. But if there are some things you just don't say ... "you're a bad mother", "you're drunk all day and sleep till noon"??? Whatevs ...

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