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Mar 19 2013, 12:44 PM
Whatever potential soapy goodness they had with the Parker retcon, they screwed it up. If Phloe had been in a relationship during their time in Chicago, that could have had huge fallout potential. At the very least, Philip should have been onscreen for the reveal because he's the one most dramatically affected. We should have seen his pain, his suffering, his loss. There should be some push and pull between Philip and Chloe during all of this. I also think Parker should have rejected Daniel. That was a major point during the Claire storyline - Claire preferred Philip, the daddy who'd raised her, to Shawn. Which makes sense, and is actually realistic. Even if they couldn't have the kid act it out, they could have had the adults referencing how Parker had to be taken from the room because he was having a fit. How he's been crying for his daddy, Philip. Something.

Instead they take all the emotional elements and dramatic points out of their storytelling. Instead the story becomes about the evil, obsessed, manipulative Chloe (who'd always been the good girl prior to Tomlin) and how the pure, sweet, holy princess stands to lose her perfect, saintly, white knight and his rectonned spawn, so she will make the ultimate fairy tale sacrifice for them.

If they were going to pull this card, they should have at least played it right.

Yep. Even with Philip off canvas, they could've at least used Kate as a proxy and had her be more upset about losing a grandchild. Plus, they could've used Parker's change in paternity as motivation for Kate to be fiercely protective of Will's right in the Wabi baby story. This also could've led to some friction between Kate and Maggie in relation to both Philip/Dan and Will/Nick, as well as Victor/Maggie tension because of Dan/Philip. And that could've spilled over into some business tension between Kate/Victor. Basically, they could've made it into a layered umbrella story like they did the Wabi baby. All of that would've been way more interesting than just Fetch angst.
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