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Yeah, last night's episode was total crap.

Cliff has always been selfish and single minded when it came to the Ewings, even to the detriment of his family relationships, but I can't believe he'd risk killing his daughter and grandchildren. That said, Ken Kercheval handled the scene really well. To think there was even question that Cliff wasn't going to be a part of the reboot ....

I really hope that's not the end of Mama Ryland, though I can't see how it couldn't be given her final clichéd speech. Total let down. They opened the door to something really creepy and interesting and for it to end with a tired push down the stairs is just .... YAWN. I wanted them to really "go there", have there be some big dark secret or shocking past abuse - something to give the show some edge.

I dunno ....as the season's going on I'm finding myself getting really bored. The fun of the old Dallas just isn't there and I don't think Cidre is the one to bring it. (Cane ... zzzzz) She got it off to a good start but they really need some fresh blood to kick the show up a notch. Inject some testosterone. SOMETHING! (and kill the country-western elevator musack playing over every scene ... it's not Dallas!)

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