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Mar 19 2013, 06:24 PM
The fascination by Days with certain characters like Daniel, Rafe and to a lesser degree Brady is mind blowing. Seriously, Daniel in 4 years has slept with Kate, almost did Chelsea, slept with Chloe, had relations with Nicole and now Jen...he can get angst after angst for his 'relationship' with Jennifer, they bring Chloe back, retcon Parker, bring Nancy, throw Anne in the mix, now they will be bringing JJ too....Rafe gets to have this magical love story with Sami over fucking 3 years. He gets to be on NON STOP. They even give us two of him at one point. His sisters come (and go) and so does his brother and now he's boinking Kate too.....Brady gets to boink everyone from Arianna to Nicole to Madison to Kristen in a span of 4 years, but I can't get a fucking story, NOT ONE fucking story for Lucas....this shit blows chunks...IMHO Rafe and Dan can't even compare when it comes to character development and acting wise IMHO Bryan beats these two by a mile....seriously....Dan acting drunk was AWFUL last week but they throw every fucking woman his way....SICK.

Rant over...carry on....
:cheer: Well said! I've given up them ever writing Lumi again, but give Bryan a storyline that doesn't involve him being a plot device for Sami or judging Jennifer or just being "there" for Will.
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