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grandma Bird
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Golden Duck
Mar 5 2013, 09:22 PM
Seriously. Someone tell me why you all like Sabrina so much. Because, I really see nothing in her and never have. She's so transparent. She's a flat character. There's no layers, no spunk. She's always whining and depressed. Either that or acting like a 13 year old.

What causes people to like Carlivati's special pet?

I think they are building her that way so at the nurses ball,, she will turn from an ugly duckling with the big glasses to a beautiful swan,, I have watched soaps for over 40 yrs,, and that is what I honestly see playing out, so is her character flat yes, but it is sort of like the disney movie called the Princess dairy my kids watched, they took a homely young girl that no one really noticed and changed her into the beautiful princess same concept, so golden duck you are seeing her the way the show wants you too,,, unitl the veiling,, and that will be a whole new story line to follow....same story over and over just different characters,,,
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