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Lucy and Kevin ganging up on Lomax was incredible! (But no, I don't support their position. Luke and Laura, baby 2013, baby! It's been WAY too long.)

Will someone please tell me why John and Sam can't be together? They're obviously perfect for each other. I just witnessed incredible drama between those two (love it more when couples don't sleep together and there's conflict like this), but I didn't understand any of it.

Seeing Star get the phone call means this was around the time (I'm guessing) when Prospect Park stepped in... exciting!

But I hope that's not why Todd and Carly called it quits.

And come to think of it, I hope that's not why McBain and Sam called it quits.

Oh, wow, how will that glitch affect everything, story-wise?

Laura, you better not marry Scott at the courthouse. Can they really keep GF after all these years? (I don't know the back story, but she went to Y&R and none of it made sense). If so, L&L reunion, baby!

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