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Mar 19 2013, 09:48 PM
Mar 19 2013, 09:37 PM
Mar 19 2013, 01:54 PM
Will, Sami and EJ are all idiots for even considering Stefano as an option. Will would be much better off asking Sonny to seek Victor's help which would come with no strings attached.
I think it's the other way around. Stefano would be an idiot to agree to help Sami and EJ for Will's cause. What's in it for Stefano? I mean, ok, EJ is his son, but Stefano does not give an ass' shit on Will as they are not even related by blood. Let Sami and EJ do this on their own, and let it blow up in front of their faces. I think Nick is pretty much an ass in this baby storyline, but Will is not without fault, too. If Nick can scheme and intimidate to get his way, then Will should learn to get out of this on his own, too. Isn't he the Sami's son, after all???? And Kate's grandson? Between these 2, I'm sure Will has enough "scheming" genes in him to come out of this and go head to head against Nick.

Furthermore, IMO, all the characters currently in the canvas do not deserve to be part of Stefano's "battalion". They are all cretins compared to Stefano. I was thinking maybe Victor can have a good match against Stefano, but him being Maggie ruins it for me :ermm:
The writers already established what's in it for Stefano last week. If Stefano helps Will, Stefano will get what he wants -- E.J., Johnny, and Sydney living at the DiMera mansion again. Stefano wants his entire family (well, the ones who are currently on the canvas, at least) living under the same roof with him. He's already complained about how quiet the mansion is on more than one occasion.
Ok, fair enough....I just feel that Stefano should not stoop down to the level of getting involved with "child's play" that is Nick-Will-Gabi-baby storyline. His character is too "high up there" for this kind of nonsense...especially if Sami and/or EJ will propose to Stefano what should be done. It would be a sacrilege to Stefano's characterization IMO.
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