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Chloe - unsurprisingly looked like a million bucks; gorgeous hair and makeup and flattering outfit
Nancy - I wanted her to slap Maggie something fierce.
Anne/Abby/Cameron - Did Anne lie when she accused Abby and Cameron of being the beneficiaries of nepotism? Because my detector didn't go off. I'm glad Anne dislikes the nepotistic culture of the hospital generally, and doesn't simply have an outsize grudge against Jennifer. Though we all know nepotism will win in the end and her character probably won't have a long shelf life. She'll be turfed out on her ass soon enough.
Brady - dumber than a box of rocks and a whole lot meaner; the downward spiral continues
E.J. - brotherly concern for Kristen was nice, but something between them doesn't quite work; I still prefer her sibling chemistry with Chad, oddly enough
John - officially more loathsome than Daniel and Jennifer - how could this have happened? Marlena needs to restore her self-respect and walk away. Let John come crying back to her when, and if, he comes to his senses.
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