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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, March 19th Daily Discussion
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Mar 19 2013, 11:48 PM
Mar 19 2013, 11:43 PM
I remember a few weeks ago when I was thoroughly entertained and now most of the stories are stupid, drama less plots highlighting boring characters I don't give a luck about.

I knew the honeymoon had to end.
This has been my great fear.

That once sweeps was over, it would turn to shyte.

I'm not saying it's there yet, but I'm getting concerned.

We had a couple of dull dragging days last week, but Friday came back & saved the week.

Now, we start off with two dud days & I don't think we'll get much improvement since Fetch is so heavily promoted.
Nothing happened during sweeps either, the show was flat, IMHO..... The show had great moments in mid January with the Nabi wedding Wabi baby reveal, that was about 3 weeks before sweeps started....sweeps proved to be a dud and nothing happened. Now sweeps has been over for a few weeks and still nothing is happening. I find the show incredibly boring.
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