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The Room Stops
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Mar 20 2013, 07:52 AM
i loved the character of Eugene. Loved the relationship he had with Marlena. Looking back at old youtube videos, it always amazes me that she trusted him. I wonder if that was the original intent with the character of Eugene. Or, did the character just develop over time as the audience accepted him and his blossoming friendship with Marlena. Probably one of my favorite Eugene arcs is when Tom was led to believe Eugene and Marlena had a relationship and "forced" them to marry.

OK back on topic...
How can you not love Tony and Anna. Renee always bothered me, just too needy. I'd welcome David back. Perhaps that would give Julie (and Doug) more screentime, if her son was there. Have the PTB forgotten that Julie has a son and grandson? (Sorry, rhetorical question.)
Eugeneeeee! My favorite little nerdy-geeky-lovable-weirdo. His friendship with Marlena is quite possibly the most loving in the history of the show. He would have died for her, and she for him. There was always that little "Eugene totally wants Marlena" vibe, but unlike douchebag friends that have come and gone later, Eugene never seriously did anything about it. He kept it to himself, because he loved Marlena, and she loved Roman. But he truly did love her, so he just wanted her to be happy, didn't so much matter how.

How can I not love Tony and Anna? I hate Tony. And Andre. Always have. I think Penghlis and Hunley have a ridiculous amount of chemistry, and I think they should be together, but I just can't stand Tony.
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