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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I don't disagree that Rafe would probably help them and I like that they've had Sami almost tell him a couple times because it makes sense to at least consider it. EJ is obviously less trusting of Rafe than Sami so I like that he talked her out of it too. Ultimately though, I get why they're having Ejami go the Stefano route for help rather than the Rafe route. Both create drama, but by having Sami get help from Rafe, they'd reignite the triangle after just resolving it. Plus, I think that the Stefano route can create more far-ranging drama when his involvement leads to all sorts of problems for Ejami, which I assume it will based on Stefano's comments last week. At the end of the day, I feel like either route should create drama, but one leads to more triangle crap and one doesn't.
I guess. Of course, IMO the bigger issue is that this is all story for EJ and Sami and not the characters who this story should be about. I couldn't care less how any of this affects those two. EJ is probably the least relevant to the story and while Sami is relevant, she should be relevant on the side.
Exactly. Thank you. Once again they are making a story all about Sami and it shouldn't be; Ej has no reason to be in this story except for being Sami's newest boyfriend. Will should be confiding in and working with Lucas not listening to his mother who has caused nothing but havoc in this situation. It's all plot driven garbage.
I think that's actually the point, though. They've gone out of their way to show that Sami's reactionary instincts are doing more harm than good and creating problems for Will rather than helping him, which is what her intention was. It's very much like the Sami of old - even when she had good intentions she'd end up creating a mess and having things blow up in her face as a result. I much prefer this over the Sami we've had the past few years who still did pretty awful things but had a multitude of people running around behind her helping to clean up the mess while praising her for being such a heroic damsel.

And ultimately, Sami's reactions and the results are just one layer - basically a substory to the primary baby story. We also have Nick's homophobia and whatever the deal is with his experience in prison. We have Vargas now on the canvas looking to even what ever score he has with Nick. We have Rate rutting each other on an on-going basis after first connecting over their connection to doing what's best for Gabi/Will/Baby - and will now be apparently fighting their 'feelings' for one another. There is Sonny & Will's growing love story that has been challenged by the fall out of the baby reveal and now will be facing down Nick's manipulations.

It's been a very long time since DAYS has written a good umbrella story. I'm enjoying that they've woven so many people into this story (and are continuing to do so) without there being just one layer to the story overall.
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