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Kate's recent discovery threatens to expose Chloe's plan

Sami seriously rips into Nicole

John asks Sami for a large favor involving his son

Sonny makes an unexpected confession to Will

Abigail and Chad discover the true nature of Cameron's secret

Things begin to heat up between Chloe and Daniel

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*Updated 3/20*

Monday ("Chloe's Orders")
Daniel is confused by Jennifer's decision; Chloe's plan could be at risk after Kate learns some information.

Tuesday ("Daniel loses it")
Daniel accuses Chloe of upsetting Jennifer; Kristen witnesses an encounter with Marlena and Sy.

Wednesday ("Sonny's News")
Will is shaken by Sonny's news; Chad and Abigail vow to figure out what Cameron is hiding.

Thursday ("Sami's Decision")
Lucas rips into Sami for making a decision without his permission; Vargas wants Nick to follow his orders.

Friday ("Runner Up")
Daniel looks to Chloe for comfort; Abigail and Chad uncover Cameron's secret; Nicole can't stand the thought of Eric leaving town.

Will is upset after Sonny tells him about Kate and Rafe
Jennifer pulls out all the stops to convince Daniel that Jack was the great love of her life.
A horrified Kristen enlists EJís help when she sees Marlena meeting with her newest patient - Sy!
After spotting Stefano with his new girlfriend, Kate worries heíll suspect she's involved with Rafe.
Lucas flips out at Sami for moving his daughter into the DiMera mansion without telling him.
A devastated Daniel pulls Chloe into a kiss.

SOF Spoilers

Chloeís plot to force Jenn to dump Daniel chugs along as the blond publicly humiliates him.

Sy, the thug Kristen hired to clobber Brady, wants his hush money.

Kate and Rafeís involvement becomes public knowledge and it isnít sitting right with anyone.

Sonny has been keeping a secret.

Chad and Abigail team up to discover Cameronís secret.

Vargas corners Nick. After reminding him of the deal they made, he explains that he plans to make a great deal of money.


Monday April 1:

Sami and Will take the first steps in bonding with Stefano before asking him to get rid of Nick for them.

Kate's surprised and worried when she and Rafe bump into Stefano and his new lady friend.

Tuesday April 2:

Marlena meets with her new patient - Sy, Kristen's paid mugger!

Wednesday April 3:

Sonny stuns Will with his secret which involves his grandmother.

Thursday April 4:

Abigail and Chad's spying on Cameron comes up with one surprising result.

Friday April 5:

Daniel seeks sexual comfort with a shocking person.


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