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Mar 20 2013, 10:25 AM
Mar 20 2013, 07:59 AM

The top two are Tony DiMera and Anna DiMera (Roman's ex-wife & Carrie's mother). The bottom two are Renee Dumonde (Stefano's sudden daughter, the 1st one, with Lee Dumonde) and David Banning (Renee's husband and, more importantly, JULIE'S SON).

Renee was raised believing that Lee was her older sister. When Renee and Tony fell in love with one another, Lee was forced to admit that she was Renee's mother and Stefano was her father, making her and Tony half-siblings. She ended up marrying David (who I believe she'd already been involved with). Tony was conned into marrying Anna (who wanted the DiMera money). When Stefano "died", it was part of his will that they inherit the DiMera Mansion (which was originally the Chandler Mansion and eventually became Marshall Manor and then the Curtis Mansion). I believe whoever managed to have the 1st DiMera grandchild stood to inherit the bulk (or all, I forget) of the DiMera fortune. I think at one point either Renee or Anna caused the other to have an accident & a miscarriage (I want to say a boat was involved). Eventually it was determined that Stefano wasn't Tony's real father, so Tony and Renee could actually be together. Somewhere during all this, Stefano came back & then "died" again and Renee inherited the house alone and married Alex Marshall (I forget exactly why, but I think it might have been to piss people off). After giving a glorious speech where she told off the entire town (look it up on youtube. it really is FABULOUS), Renee was killed by the Salem Slasher (i.e. Andre pretending to be Tony) because she realized that Tony wasn't Tony. Stefano was PISSED.

I may or may not be entirely accurate on all of that since it all happened about 30 years ago and I just typed that up solely from memory. lol
OMG - Renee's speech is out on YouTube somewhere??? I'm going to have to go dig that up tonight...I would love to see it again. I vividly remember watching that scene 30 plus years ago and having cold chills...she was amazing! "RENEE DiMERA WILL SURVIVE!" (and then she was dead a few hours later...in true soapy fashion...)

I've always loved Tony and Anna - but I LOVED Tony and Renee. I guess when I think about it, I just pretty much love Tony. *le sigh* :wub:
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