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Just got to watch last night and Yolanda TOTALLY won me over (finally). She just walked around all episode holding mirrors up to two-faced bitches and I LOVED it. At first, when Brandi was in the limo telling her friend that Yolanda told her Marisa was talking shit, I was like, really Yolanda? Gotta stir the pot and gossip?? But then when they were at the party and she called Marisa over to herself and Brandi and said to her face that she told Brandi what Marisa had said and that this was the perfect opportunity for them to talk about it, I lmao'd and my respect for her grew a thousand times :wub: That was pretty freaking awesome. Her telling Faye she was pathetic may have been even better :D I hate fucking Faye Resnick, and if Andy lets her be an actual "housewife" in any future seasons, I may have to boycott the show. And what was with Camille turning on Brandi like that? Did I miss something? I'm sorry, but Brandi MAY have crossed a line in what she said about Paul/Andrienne (although I personally don't think there was anything wrong with it considering everyone in attendance already knew the "secret") but all season long it has been one person after another jumping in on the gang up on Brandi and it's been ridiculous. Maybe that's why I still love Brandi and Lisa so much ... I kind of consider them the underdogs a little bit this season, and I always like the underdog. I'm interested to see next week, if Kyle actually steps up and acts like a friend to Lisa, but I'm highly doubtful.
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