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Mar 19 2013, 10:07 PM
Maggie/Nancy/Chloe - I actually didn't have a huge issue with Maggie today. I mean, the Dannifer stuff is annoying, but since she was right today, it was less grating. Meanwhile, I haven't found one thing entertaining about Nancy this time. I don't remember having an issue with her before, but nothing she is doing is enjoyable, and much of it is just plain bad. And I'm beyond ready for Chloe to go.

Jennifer/Daniel - I literally have no memory of their scenes.

Cameron/Abby /Anne - I don't find Anne entertaining either. I just don't have enough background on her. I was sort of happy to hear her lump all the families into her pathetic whining because it always annoys me when the Bradys and Hortons are called out for being judgmental since I think the Kiriakises and DiMeras are about 100x more judgmental than the others could ever be, but really...it was hard to even like that because Anne's whining just doesn't make sense. And what exactly is her job? Why does she have claim to the hospital? I also have no memory of Abby and Cameron.
I'm fine enough with Nancy, given how ad hoc a lot of the motivations on Days are these days, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that not only "the good guys" are judgmental and clannish. That argument always comes off to me like the whining of kids who weren't popular in high school and never got over it. (I mean if Days actually wanted to talk about actual class and classism in a sociologically responsible way, fine, but that's something obviously different than what happens on this show.)
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