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Mar 20 2013, 04:27 PM
Mar 20 2013, 03:59 PM
Although I am inclined to believe that Phillip is Parker's father, it makes this storyline even sillier. Weren't Chloe and Philip living happily together before the paternity reveal? Why would Chloe suddenly decide to pretend that Dan was the father?
But I guess making Philip the father will give Jen incentive to bring JJ home so that Dan can be presented with another son on a silver platter.
If Parker's paternity reverts to Philip, I'm happy for Philip but it makes this whole storyline even more of a waste of time. What was the point? I doubt Chloe engineered this--why would she, after all? Despite her stupid schemes, I can believe Parker is her top priority--why would she uproot him from a stable home situation and a father who loved him to chase after a loser like Daniel unless she believed he was biologically Daniel's?
...It would be so badass and hilarious if all this ended with a new paternity test and old result. And Chloe's departure was her knocking on Dan/Jen's door all "My Bad" before going back to Chicago or wherever. For some reason I think that's fitting.
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