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Mar 20 2013, 06:11 PM
For starters, Vargas' name really annoys me, but this story is getting better daily! Can't wait for his full past with Nick to be revealed!

Nancy and Nicole are made of WIN. I have loved every little thing about Nancy's return. I don't want Patrika Darbo to go! :(

I need the Wesleys to move back to Salem. Nancy, Craig, and Joy would be a welcome addition to this cast, in my opinion. Nancy's been back for less than a month and look at all the fun little interactions and showdowns she's had. They could pair a SORASed Joy with JJ and have Nancy vs. Jennifer. The story practically writes itself. Plus, we'd get to have the talented (and preferrably non-clothed) Craig Wesley hanging around to really show Dr. Dan a thing or two about being a hot doctor! In my opinion, the Wesleys were the last great Days family.
One of my co-workers who has only been watching Days for the past year or so announced today that Nancy is now his favorite character. But he's convinced that she ad-libs her lines and is just playing herself! :blulaugh:
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