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Mar 20 2013, 09:31 PM
I dunno ... I just don't get why she needed to shoot him, other than for dramatic effect. The spoilers described Brendon as being in mortal danger and the shot was fired and I just didn't feel that. Or get why she'd have taken the gun with her from the house.

Great episode otherwise. But the setup to get the two out of the village is ringing cliched for me.
To be honest, when a show is just absolutely thrilling and enticing, I let things like that go. The only thing I truly care about is being kept entertained, and this show delivers that greatly for me right now. Plus, the situation is certainly easily fanwankable.

For instance, after seeing the video, Cheryl needs to talk to Brendan immediately. She remembers the gun she found and quickly realizes he would know what to do with it. However, when she sees her father leering over Brendan, who she just learns molested her brother, she goes into a temporary haze, pulls out the gun, and shoots him dead. Done and done!
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