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He has, even though there's a lot of it I'm not in love with. I'm very grateful for all of the returns. I never thought I'd see Lynne Herring or Finola Hughes leading storylines. Or Felicia as a respectable mother again. Or AJ an actual functioning human being who finally has a relationship with Michael. I've quite enjoyed AJ and Carly's back and forth. Sean and Laura work sooo good together. I liked a lot of Todd and Carly. I found Sam and John boring lol. I always have.

Spinelli is awful as always lol and I'm not big on Sabrina for a lot of reasons.

I think he's a good fit for a campy escape, but I just wish there were a bit more followthrough. Sam and John aren't even questioning how people exist who look JUST like them? For example. LOL. Or Rafe not mourning his mother he was on the run with for how many years? Just some quibbles ...

And I'm not sure what to make of Luke/Laura/Scotty part 6000. Scotty was great with Lucy and much more likeable again in scenes with her. I at least buy his motivations, and root for him, but Laura seems so ... not what I expected this go-around.
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