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Sammie Jo
Mar 20 2013, 06:56 PM
Mar 20 2013, 03:53 PM
A conflict escalates between Cane and Tyler - don't care! They both need to get over themselves. Cane and Lily are almost as boring a Kevin and Chloe.

Kyle unwittingly fuels Summer's crush - rut ro...it might be fun to watch if Summer could act!

Jack and Victor team up against Congressman Wheeler - It will be interesting to see them team up, but where does that leave "hero Adam"? Will they include him to keep his secreat of moving the body? If they do, then this s/l will suck!

Billy and Victoria ponder exciting plans for their future - not another baby try...sappy, sappy, sappy!!

Kevin and Chloe take a walk on the wild side - just nothing but BOREDOM!!!!

Lauren wrestles with her feelings for Carmine - feelings..........seriously? How can she have feelings for the guy. Me thinks she is blowing this Fenmore issue a little out of proportion just to justify getting a little eye candy.
he's not even eye candy, he's sleazy, smarmy, oily, cheezy, & creepy.
I feel like he's laughing at Lauren, here's this hot old, rich broad hot for me.
Lauren will surpass sharon & phyliss in the ho on the go dept.
No, I don't like Carmine either. I should've said the show is making him out as the new "eye candy".
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