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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: David A.. Levinson

Segment 1: Kirsten says Okay, I'll marry you. They kiss. Kristen - Why did you change your mind? No, it doesn't matter why you did change your mind, it only matters that you did. And I'm so happy to marry you; I'm thrilled to marry you; I'm excited to marry you. Brady - Me too. More kisses. Kristen - Just one thing about you doing this whole 180 thing. You were so concerned about how John and Marlena would feel about us getting engaged. If you have any kind of reservation ... Brady finally gets a word in - Let me talk. I have no reservations because it feels so right. It feels right in my heart and I love you. I've never see you look this happy. You're really happy, aren't you? She is.

Nicole is at the coffeehouse drinking coffee and talking to herself. If Eric is going to continue sticking his holier than thou neck out for that menace to society; inviting him to live under our roof like some long lost friend ... well, there's really nothing I can do about it. She picks up a brown envelope. Someone's got to do God's work and it might as well be me. She leaves.

Hope, Eric and Vargas enter the rectory. Hope immediately comments about the heat. It's like an oven in here. Eric will check the thermostat. Vargas comments that the radiatior is alive and kicking. Eric adds that it's over a 100 degrees on the thermostat. He'll check and see if he can turn off the heat using the hallway control. Vargas - Can I ask you a question Detective? Hope - Sure. What do you have in mind? Vargas - I was wondering if you could recommend some counselling that might be available to me now that I'm on the outside. Hope can do that. Vargas - I was thinking it might be helpful. I can't imagine anyone spending time locked up and not wanting to talk about it.

Nick and Gabi are in bed after making love. Nick - Does it feel differently to you now that we're married. Gabi - It feels better.

Abby notices Jen's suitcase and asks if she's going somewhere. Yeah, Smith Island. Abby - By yourself? Jen - I just need to get away for a couple of days. Abby - From Daniel? Jen - You know sweetie I wish that there was something we could do to make this right but obviously Daniel has decided that we are too much work. Given everything that has happened I can't say that he's wrong. Abby - Why are you so angry with Daniel. Cue flashbacks. Jen - Sweetie I appreciate your concern and that you want to help but this is not a conversation I want to have right now. Abby - Okay, I understand. Is there anything I can do? Jen - No, I'm good. It's all me right now and I just need to step back and put my mind on other things. Abby offers to go with her - they don't have to talk. Jen - No because I don't want you to put your life on hold. I'm going to be gone for a couple of days. Abby - Are you sure? Jen is positive. Abby - What if you called Daniel one last time? Jen - We have talked this through, we really have and honestly, the last thing that I want today is to hear from Daniel Jonas.

Dan finishes packing. I can't leave it like this Jen. Maybe if each of us talk and listen we could ... he looks at the pictures again ... there's still time before my flight. I've got to make it right. No, I'm not going to call her. I'm just going to show up and tell her that I love her and take it from there. He rushes out of his hotel room.

Nancy comes into the living room and asks Chloe what she's doing. Chloe - Seeing if there's a seat on the next flight to San Francisco. Nancy - No Chloe. You have overplayed your hand with Daniel more than once and not succeeded. Your luck is going to run out sooner or later. Hang up the phone! Chloe - There's a seat on the 10pm flight. Nancy grabs the phone. You are not going to be on that flight. Chloe - Would you chill out Mom! Nancy - No! You need to chill out unless you want to drive Daniel back into Jennifer's needy, clingy arms. Chloe - Of course I don't. I want her out of his life. I want that dreary loser out of all of our lives for good. Nancy - If you want Jennifer to disappear then you can't push things. Chloe agrees. So I'm going to think about it. Nancy - How refreshening. My daughter is actually going to think about it instead of barging in and screwing up her life for the 9 millionth time. Chloe - Thanks for the ego boost Ma. Nancy - Get your ego out of this missy. It's not about egos, it's about strategizing. If you want Daniel back you've got to strategize. Chloe - Fine okay, I get it. Nancy - Where are you going? Chloe - To get Parker. We're going to go for a walk and figure out a way for him, me and his daddy to be a family again.

Segment 2: John is in the park on his cell leaving a message for Brady. Aw come on kid, call me back. I really need to talk to you. We can work this out. I know we can.

Brady sees he has a message from Dad but puts his phone in his pocket when Kristen comes into the living room with a bottle of sparkling cider. Brady - Can we keep it on ice for a little while, there's something I've got to do. Kristen - You're aware you just proposed to me. Brady is very aware of that. Trust me, I'm not having second thoughts. There's just something I've got to do that's extremely important to me. Kristen - I guess we've got our whole lives to celebrate. Brady hugs her - Darn right we do. Kisses. Brady will be back soon. He leaves. Kristen paces - This is really happening. I've got to share this news with somebody.

Hope - I'm impressed Vargas and I'm glad that you're able to see this as an opportunity to turn your life around. Vargas - Because it is. Eric returns. I couldn't get the heat turned down so somebody is going to come and fix it. In the meantime I know a place where we can go and have lunch. They leave.

Gabi feels so lucky. Nick - Me too. I promise you this is just the beginning. I'm going to make every moment of our lives perfect. Gabi - You're off to a very good start. Nick - So listen Maggie offered for you to move in with me at the mansion as I have to live with a family member until my parole is over. I was thinking we could take her up on the offer and then when Arianna Grace is born we can look into getting a place of our own. Gabi - You've given this a lot of thought I see. Nick - Yes I have because I think about our future a lot. What do you say? Gabi - I say I think it's a good idea. Her cell rings. It's Caroline. Yes, I can do that. No problem. Bye. She tells Nick Caroline wants her to cover for her because she has therapy. You don't mind, right? Nick - What's a few hours. We're married now. We have the rest of our lives to spend together.

Nancy opens the door to Dan's apt when someone knocks. It's Nicole. Is Chloe here. Nancy - No she's gone out. Nicole waltzes in - Good, I've got plenty of time to kill. Nancy - I did not invite you in. Nicole - I'm so sorry. That was so rude. Oh wait, you're just a house guest here and wearing out your welcome I'm assuming. Nancy - Get out. Nicole - No. You see, you can't kick me out of Daniel's place. Nancy - What do you want? Why are you here? Nicole - To make sure Chloe knows her place.

Chloe and Parker are in the square and come face to face with Jennifer.

Abby opens the door to Daniel. Is your Mom here. I need to talk to her. It's really important. Abby - You're too late. She's already gone. Dan - What do you mean gone? Abby - She's gone out to Smith Island to be alone.

Chloe notice what Jen has in her hand. Oh is that a ticket on the ferry to Smith Island? The quickest way to the dock is in that direction past the Brady Pub. Jen - I appreciate it Chloe. Having grown up here I never would have known that. Chloe - Hey, I don't want you to miss the boat and I'm not speaking metaphorically. What I mean is I wouldn't want anything to ruin your trip.

Segment 3: Eric, Hope and Vargas enter the Brady Pub. Hope asks Vargas if he's okay. Vargas - Yeah, it's just I haven't been in a public place like this in a long time. I think it's going to take a little getting used to. Hope - Just take your time, relax. She goes up to Gabi and greets her. Gabi asks if they're ready to order. Hope - I'm not seeing things. You're really here and you're working! What are you doing here? You just got married this morning. Gabi - Well it probably slipped Caroline's mind. She had therapy and she asked me to cover for her. Hope - And you didn't say anything. Gabi - Well no, she's been so great to me and Nick. It's no big deal. I'm happy to do it. Hope hugs her - Thank you. It's very kind of you and very much appreciated. Gabi - It's no big deal. Eric tells Vargas the prison is running a Job Bank; they can help you prepare a resume, look for employment opportunities online. Vargas - I'm not sure what's out there for a guy like me. I'm not a genius like some people but I'm not afraid of working hard for what I want.

Dan can't believe he missed her. I have this conference for a few days. I wanted to talk to her before I left and tell her ... Abby - My mom didn't say too much to me but I got the sense the last time you two talked it didn't go well. Dan recalls part of their conversation. I shouldn't have come by. Abby - Probably not. He hands Abby the pictures. Would you mind if I left these for her. Abby - She looks really happy here; you both do. Abby gets a call. Dan opens the door to leave and Kristen is standing there. Hi, just where do you think you're going Mister!

Nicole looks at the throw pillows on the couch. I'm guessing you picked these out. Nancy - Why would you say that! Nicole - Judging from Chloe's lingerie, she's a leopard print girl. Nancy - You know Nicole if you don't have something nice to say perhaps you should shut your mouth. Nicole - Does Daniel know his squatters are redecorating in his absence? Nancy - Daniel told us to make ourselves at home. Nicole smiles - I'm pretty sure he was just being nice. Nancy - You know Nicole if you have some information my daughter might find useful I'd be happy to impart it to her. Nicole - Useful? You mean her tramptastic pursuit for Daniel? Nancy - My daughter is not a tramp. Nicole - You're right, desperate is probably a better word. I told her she's on her own. She has to do her own dirty work. Nancy - You are such a fairweather friend. Nicole - I think I've been there for Chloe more than you have. Nancy - You know what Nicole, that door has not moved since you sashayed through it, perhaps you'd like to leave. Nicole - I'm having such a good time catching up with you. How is that out of your league husband of yours doing anyway? Nancy - Oh Nicole, you really should leave before I hurt you. Nicole - I'm sorry, I can't. I have business with my fairweather friend. I hope you brought an umbrella because I'm about to rain all over Chloe Lane's parade.

Chloe - I don't need to tell you how beautiful the cabin is this time of year, close to spring. Lucas and I, we were really happy living there until I met Daniel ... you know the rest. Jen - Why are you doing this? Chloe - Excuse me. Jen - Have you no sense of decency Chloe? I know that we have our differences but why are you doing this? I'm trying to walk away from the situation and you're just trying to provoke me. Chloe - Why are you being so hostile? We have history, you and I. We were family, remember. Jen - No, you were just a horrible mistake that my brother made. Chloe - Wow, the claws come out. Jen laughs - My claws come out? Right, oh, btw, Daniel's not here so you don't need to turn on the performance for the Chloe Lane theatre. Chloe - I'm just trying to make conversation. Jen - Really? Do you want to talk? I would love to talk. Why don't we talk about last night? Chloe - What? Jen - Oh what? Really, somehow and I don't know how you did this, but you knew I was going to see Daniel. And when I got there you made it look like you'd been in bed with him and then you went through so much trouble to tell me it wasn't what it looked like; pretending to be so innocent when we all know that is one thing that you are not. Chloe - I don't know what I did to make you think I'd go to such extremes ... Jen - Oh stop it and wipe that smug look off your face. You lie! You are such a liar. And you know what, maybe you just need a big dose of the truth and that is, that you are a duplicitous little tramp. Chloe - Wow. Jen - What? Chloe - I had my doubts about you but now I'm 100% certain that Daniel will never, ever, ever want to be with you.

Segment 4: Hope goes up to Gabi's room and gives Nick a hug. Oh my gosh look at you ... glowing. I just want to say thank you so much for being so incredibly understanding and letting Gabi cover for Caroline on your wedding day. Nick - Of course. Caroline's always been in my corner; it's the least I can do. Hope - I really am so proud of you Nick. The way you've gotten your life back on track, it's incredible. You really seem happy. Nick - I am. Why do I sense a but coming? Hope - But I think it still might be a really good idea to talk to someone about your time in prison. I love you. I only want the best for you. I want your happiness with Gabi to last a lifetime but if you're carrying around some baggage from your time on the inside, I don't want it to come back and haunt you. So would you at least think about talking to someone.

Vargas - It's not just that I spent the last decade behind bars, I've been in and out of institutions my whole life. That's really what I know, not that I'm looking for sympathy or anything. Eric - I know. I truly believe everything is going to work out. Vargas - I hope you're right Father. Either way, I've got a good outlook now and I'm going to make the best of this opportunity that you've given me; make sure that I never see the inside of a cage again.

Brady finds John in the park. John - Did you get my message? Brady - What do you want? John - I'm not perfect kid. I made a mistake and I was wrong to lie to you; to mislead you about accepting your relationship with Kristen. But you've got to know I did what I did because I love you. You're my son and all of my instincts were propelling me to try and protect you; to take care of you, to keep you from getting hurt. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to give your old man a second chance.

Kristen - I'm so happy to find you here. I guess I'm not the only one with good news to share. Where's Jennifer? Is she here? Dan - No, she took off for a couple of days actually. I was just heading out myself. Kristen - Oh, I guess from the look on your face, you guys did not patch things up. Dan - No. Kristen - I just assumed that because you were here ... sorry. I guess, I'm just going to leave a note for Jennifer then. Dan - Sounds good. I'll see you later. Kristen - Wait Daniel. I don't know if you're aware of my history with Jennifer. It's kind of complicated. We were really good friends then ... we're kind of friends again. I care about her so I'm going to dive right in and ask you. Did you do it?

Jen - You are even more deluded than I thought. To think that you believe you have any insight into Daniel or me. Chloe - How dare you talk to me like that in front of my son, Daniel's son. How do you know that he doesn't understand every word that you're saying and that you're cruelty could have a severe pyschological ... Jen - Oh come on, give me a break. Chloe - You called me a whore in front of him. Jen - That is not what I called you. Chloe - Daniel loves his little boy more than anything in the world; more than himself, more than you so as nice as it's been to have this little chat with you, I'm not going to keep you any longer. She leaves.

Dan - Did I do what? Kristen - Did you sleep with Chloe?

Segment 5: Vargas looks at Hope and Eric - I don't suppose they take IOU's here. Eric - No. Don't worry. This is on the big guy upstairs. Hope - Thank you Father Eric. Eric - You're welcome. If you'll excuse me for a minute. He leaves the table. Vargas - And I want to thank you too for all your help so far. Hope - I'm happy to do it. I believe people can change if given the right opportunity and the right support and a second chance. Vargas - I'd like to think so. Hope - My cousin, Nick Fallon, just recently got out of prison and I have to say he's really gotten his life back on track. Vargas - Good for him. Hope - I believe the two of you were at Statesville at the same time. Did you happen to know him? Eric tells Gabi he hears congratulations are in order. Gabi - Thank you. You can understand why we didn't have a church ceremony this time around. I know I said it before but I want to say I'm really, really sorry about how things turned out. I should have been upfront with you; with everybody. Eric - I think it was a tough situation for everyone involved. He picks up a gift bag. I have something here for you and Nick. It's a wedding present. I was going to leave it with my grandmother but seeing as you're here and all ... please open it. It's a bottle of wine. Eric - Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine in the spirit of celebration. I think there's a message in there that with love, faith, you can turn a very bad situation into something wonderful, something that you and Nick and Will have done with this baby. And I know that a bottle of a wine isn't the most appropriate gift for a pregnant woman ... Gabi - It's perfect. You know what they say, wine gets better with age. Eric - You can save it for after the baby is born. Gabi comes out from behind the bar and hugs him. Thank you so much. This means so much to me but you know what, your forgiveness means more than anything. Vargas - Nick Fallon. The name sounds familiar. Young, skinny kid, right? Is he part of the Prison Release program too? Hope - No, he's not. Eric returns. I think that Nick and Gabi are going to be very happy together. Eric tells Vargas that Gabi is Nick's wife. They got married today. Vargas - Lucky guy. Eric - What do you say we all head back to the church and see if the heat has been fixed. Vargas looks over at Gabi before leaving.

John - Oh come on kid, say something, anything. Scream, curse, take a shot at me if it makes you feel better. Just give me something. Brady - I am marrying Kristen. He leaves.

Chloe returns to find Nicole sitting there eating a banana. Nicole - Well you're in a good mood. What's got you in such a high note?

Jen lets herself into the cabin.

Dan - Where did you hear that I slept with Chloe? Kristen - From Jennifer. Dan - No, what! That doesn't make sense because that never happened. Kristen - That's certainly not the impression Jennifer has. She went to your room last night. Guess who opened the door. Chloe. And guess where you were. In bed, passed out, half naked. Dan - That never happened. Kristen - That's what Chloe told Jennifer, that it never happened. She came here after to tell Jennifer that she hoped she didn't give her the wrong impression ... she doesn't want there to be any misunderstandings ... Dan - That's what Chloe told her? Kristen - Yes. Dan - OMG, OMG. He hugs Kristen. Thank you. He takes off.

Segment 6: Chloe tells Parker that grandma is going to take him for his nap. Nancy - Are you sure you don't want me to stick around. She's in kind of a mood. Chloe - She's always in a mood, trust me, I'll be fine. Grandma takes Parker for his nap. Chloe - So what's up Nicole? Nicole - I wanted to talk to you about your application for the music board at the church that has been reviewed and rejected. She dumps out the application that has been shredded. Sorry. Chloe - Don't be, no big deal. Nicole - I figured you could handle it. If anyone can handle rejection ... Chloe - Speaking of rejection, shouldn't you leave now. Nicole - Daniel might be okay with you shacking up here with Parker and your mom but I'll be damned if you're going to use Eric and the church to further your sinful agenda. She leaves. Nancy returns - What's all that? Chloe - Confetti. We're going to celebrate. Nancy - That Nicole left? Chloe - No, that Daniel and Jennifer and finally over.

Jen recalls the last time she was at the cabin when Daniel had to do surgery on her. Everything was so right. How did it go so wrong? She heads outside.

Eric and Vargas return to the rectory. Eric didn't think it was possible but it's even hotter in here. Looks like someone tried to take a crack at it while we were out. Vargas - They weren't too successful, were they? Eric is going to ask Father Matt if it was him or if he brought someone in from the outside. Vargas looks around - I always thought it was the guys downstairs that had the heating problem. He removes his shirt and starts working on the radiator.

Gabi comes upstairs. Nick asks what's in the bag. A wedding present from Father Eric. Nick - Wine? Gabi - He said it was one of his favourites. I told him we'd open it after the baby is born and share it with Will. Nick - With Will? Why? Gabi - Well because for the first time in a really long time I feel that things are going to be okay and the three of us are going to raise the baby together. Once Arianna is here then I want to make a toast with my husband and my baby's father. Nick - No. Gabi - No, what? Nick - Will can't be a part of that. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - Just leave it alone okay? Gabi - No, I'm not going to leave it alone. That's it. What is it about Will that you're not telling me?

Segment 7: Nicole returns to the rectory and fans herself with a file folder. She removes her top blouse - she's just wearing her tank top. A hot sweaty Vargas stands up and startles her. Vargas - Hello.

Gabi - I really need you to explain to me why you're acting like this. We both know perfectly well that Will is going to be a part of our little girl's life. Nick - No, he's not. Gabi - What are you saying? Nick - He's not going to be part of this little girl's life because he agreed. He signed away his parental rights. In the eyes of the law Will is no longer the father of your child.

Kristen returns home and finds Brady pouring the sparkling cider. Before they drink he says hold on. Something is wrong here. He takes the glasses and sets them down. We're missing something. He holds up an engagement ring and slips it on her finger. Kristen - You're making all my dreams come true. Kisses.

Nancy - Daniel and Jennifer are over for good. I don't understand. Did you come up with a plan? Chloe - Not yet but I just ran into little miss blondie herself in the square. Let me tell you Mom, she's biting the dust. Nancy - She's leaving for good? Chloe - If only. Nancy - I don't understand. Chloe - All I know is that Daniel's getting on a plane and she's getting on a boat so I can take comfort in the fact that tonight Daniel and Jennifer will be thousands of miles apart.

Dan arrives at the cabin calling out her name. He looks around the cabin and turns to leave. As he opens the door to go out Jen is opening it to come in.
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