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Mar 18 2013, 09:55 PM
Mar 18 2013, 04:34 PM
NO one likes this pairing...NO ONE...we can all see there is no chemistry...NONE!
I disagree. The chemistry between Reeves and Christian is there. Has been since day one. It's the writing that makes it hard to support the pairing. Reeves and Christian can't sell it all the way if the writing isn't there.
Ericole, Bristen, Ejami, Wilson, Rate and even Nabi have the same writers and the audience buy them.

First time around i wasn't vocal because I assumed Dan was just angst for when Jack came back. It was only when I realised that Danifer were suposed to be endgame that I got angry and of course firing MA to make it happen is salt in the wound.
I think there was some scenes that showed MR and MA still had chemistry (much more than SC/MR). One was on a park bench where they were discussing Abby. They were laughing really naturally together and there was some great eye contact. But to be honest there was no chance to gauge how much chemistry J & J had because nearly all their scenes consisted of Jen berating Jack or Jack watching her gazing at Dan. Their reunion scene was probably the lamest reunion ever in soap history and they were quickly ushered off-screen.

The couple of Fetch scenes I've watched this time around appear awkward and there is a real lack of warmth in MR's face. Her eyes always have this pained expression that I can't stand and SC looks like he's just killing time waiting for someone else to make the first move.
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