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Grandpa Hughes
Mar 21 2013, 02:10 PM
Yeah I know who the characters are now between watching the past week of episodes and a little research. Brooke didn't show up until the last episode I watched but she hooked me right away. I like Nicole too. Boyd has been fun with his resentment of Chris and the champagne trick he pulled on the snooty waiter. I need to see more of the others before they make my favorites list.
I go on and off on Boyd. He's such a dick to my Brook, like in today's episode, but he can also be really fun like he is with Nicole.

And I hope you learn to love Vasa once you see more of her. She's the type of character that's always making mistakes and then makes bigger mistakes trying to fix them. She's fabulous. But happy to see you're catching on to Brooke quick. She is my everything right now. And Rachel is the queen of Shortland Street and probably the most iconic character ever on the show. If you should read anyone's wiki page, it's hers.
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