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Yeah, all these people who are obstacles for Dannifer always seem like vehicles for the writers to send us a message that we fans are being brats in need of a good scolding for not liking Dannifer. I actually think some of the things that get said are overboard, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Dannifer doesn't suck.

And for me Daniel and Melanie go together, the whole Jonas family has been such an experiment, it's never seemed like organic story, it's always been a forced integration into the cast of Salem. Thankfully Molly Burnett quit of her own accord, I wish Shawn would. Anyway that's why I'd add Maggie and Victor to those who've been arranged just to make Daniel/the Jonas family work. Suddenly Daniel is Victor's godson, suddenly Daniel is Maggie's son, suddenly Maggie and Victor are long-time dear and special friends (when did that happen? I never saw that happen, and I've been watching since the early 90's. Victor had more history with Julie than with Maggie, FFS) whose friendship blossoms into romance.

I feel so pessimistic about JJ already. FWIW in my head his name is Thomas Steven.

Mar 19 2013, 05:45 PM
Could be worse. They could call him J.P.

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