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Mar 20 2013, 10:20 AM
National Enquirer

Bill's irresponsible actions cause another bump in the road for his marriage

Katie confesses her greatest fear to Danielle

Donna attempts to defuse a problem that's brewing within her family

Brooke goes to great lengths to remedy a critical situation

Rick and Thomas' business rivalry gets personal

via jcren

Episode Titles and Previews

Monday ("Car Accident")
A car accident leaves lives in danger; Katie opens up to Danielle about her marriage to Bill.

Tuesday ("Answers")
Brooke answers Lt. Baker's questions; Katie loses it when Brooke calls her from Bill's phone.

Wednesday ("Babysitting Will")
Hope and Liam babysit Will and think what could have been; Katie voices her thoughts when she finds Brooke and Bill in Brooke's bedroom.

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