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The Royal Dork

This show sucks so bad now. Last season, I couldn't wait for new episodes. Yeah, parts of the story sucked. Yeah, some of the actors sucked. But it was a guilty pleasure. It was ripe with drama, and fascinating musical numbers. And there were those few laughable, but amusingly quotable one-liners like, "I'm in tech!"

But now? I have to force myself to sit through a whole episode. The story is better, but it's not interesting. The actors are better, but even the blind can tell they too have lost interest in this crap. The new characters aren't rootable at all. The musical numbers are all soaked, and dripping with, Velveeta cheese.

And the guest stars this season? What was even the purpose??! Jennifer Hudson has a great voice, but her character literally sang for 2 episodes and then left. Sean Hayes played a goofy actor that no one takes seriously, and after 2 or 3 episodes, he's gone. At least Uma Thurman's character stirred up some drama last season. This season's guest stars have done nothing more than make a yawning entrance, and an even more sleep-inducing exit 2 episodes later.

I HATE to say this, because of how much time I've put into this show that I once loved, but... I just don't want the show to come back for a 3rd season. I'm only watching now out of some empty sense of loyalty.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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