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Looks like the ratings never recovered from the Pope day, but even before that they were not looking too hot. I don't know why they didn't just nix Wednesday like B&B, considering they go head-to-head in most markets. Even still the ratings from my math would have been 2,274,250. I don't think Corday will go into any type of panic mode yet because it looks like people weren't enjoying Monday or Tuesday anyway and said screw the whole week after the Pope day. These numbers would be like end of the world numbers if they weren't effed up.

The naming of the Pope played a big role in the last three days, but even still the show just hasn't been as good as it was even recently. And this week was even worse. Honestly the show deserves shit ratings like this because of the way they are pushing Dannifer and all of the wrong things. I will hate it if Corday does go into panic mode soon and the wrong heads roll, as usual.
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