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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I think he'll wait a few more weeks to see if the trend continues and see a week or two without a papal announcement to see if the ratings improve. However, the fact that all the other soaps lost less than Days for this week and the other shows are still on the plus side from this time last year, even with the losses has to make Corday wonder. Seriously a few more weeks of any type of loss will not be good for the show and from what I see on the daily threads very few people are actually liking the show at the moment.

It does seem like Days was going on the downward trend since the middle of the week prior to this rating's week...they had 1.8s on Thursday and Friday of the week of March 4 and it seems that they just started off this week with almost the same amount of viewers, went up slightly on Tuesday and then they bottomed out on Wednesday....and never recovered....if it wasn't for the papal announcement the Wed daily might have been around 1.8 and then 1.7s to end the week.....which still would have been a bad week for Days.....making them lose around 200K viewers instead of over 300K.

I think in two weeks unless the ratings improve we could see Ken Corday's typical, 'My plan to save Days' for the millionth time come out in SOD
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