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Mar 22 2013, 08:08 AM
I don't know......Days has certainly lost close to 600K viewers the past two years in a span of a few months, so it can happen again....

For example, the last week of December 2011, Days was at 2.7 million viewers, by the first week of April of 2012 Days was hitting new lows and their numbers were 2.2 million viewers. That is a loss of 500K viewers in less than 4 months....so it can happen with no papal announcement linked to the decrease.

This is what I was trying to say a few weeks ago....the minute Days starts to decline in numbers it's not a good sign...they had 4 weeks of straight loses starting in mid/late January totaling over 200K viewers, no major premptions during that time either, then they had a week or two of moderate gains and then a huge drop and now an even bigger drop. Papal announcement or no papal announcement, the show started heading south toward the middle of the week of March 4...it's only gotten worse from there....if Days had been steadily increasing their numbers since mid/late January and this week they lost over 300K, I wouldn't be worried at all....the show can gain 100K next week and we would still be really low.....I am hoping that something happens so that changes can be made, but I don't want Corday again to make the wrong changes...it's like when he fired MarDar and rehired Tomlin in a different capacity and Whitesell in the same capacity.......knowing Corday, he'd hire Dena again....

Oh and on the crashing of the show and it's prediction.....uhm....it just happened....
They have been going up and down but maintaining their avg and demos, nothing in that spells a crash.

As for it happening, Wednesday is what we call a normal day now because that is what took it south this bad? :lol:
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