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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 22 2013, 08:16 AM
The ratings were going to sink about 200,000+ and they went down nearly 400,000. Either way its pretty horrible. But this isn't a couple months. We are talking about a couple weeks. February 18-22 they were at a 15 month high in total viewers. The Pope clearly crushed Wednesday and they should have cancelled that day like GH and B&B. I think Thursday and Friday you can only partially blame the Pope...because the show sucked too. Not a good combination.
Oh no doubt.....but that 15 month high was followed by a trend that Days has made their own....gain viewers one week, hit highs and the week after they lose virtually everything they gained. They can't keep a viewer even if they pay them....lol...the show needs some life, some shaking up and I fear if they do they will get rid of the wrong people....Days should REALLY think of getting rid of a major character that has been focused on non stop ....rest the character for 6 months and create a dramatic murder mystery....I nominate Sami or Daniel....Sami will likely have more impact on the landscape of the show for those 6 months than Daniel will....they need to soras some of the kiddies, create a storyline around that, introduce a new family and create a brand new interesting and feared villain, etc...they need something fresh and unfortunately except for Ericole (they have promise), the rest is the same shit different day....lol
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