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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday, March 21st Daily Discussion
Sweet and Salty

Mar 21 2013, 05:58 PM
Mar 21 2013, 05:47 PM
Mar 21 2013, 04:18 PM
They know Fetch is hated. They just don't care.

Didn't Corday say something a short while back about how they didn't want to have suprcouples & that they liked having stories/couples that not everyone liked because it sparked discussion, or made people want to watch? (or some version of something along those lines)
Well they've taken that to new extremes and killed off every couple that was believable and tolerable.
With the exception of their lovely token gay couple which they are obviously only hanging onto for the brownie points otherwise I imagine they would be splitsville too.

And I don,t believe victor and maggie are tolerable. Hopefully she goes to help Jen and dan on Horton island and her boat gets swept away in a freak storm. Victor at magpies funeral with Kate and Nicole either side of him would amuse me greatly.
I'm iffy on "liking" this. The newly written "mommy to Dr. Dan". The constant "my son" Maggie...yes. Bring back the old Maggie!! Her overly mother Jennings of an adult who's lived the majority of his live with another mother whom he loved doesnt need an overly prying nosy Maggie interfering in every aspect of his life, much less love life. Get some backbone, Dan, and tell her outright to butt out! :drunk:
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