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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday, March 21st Daily Discussion
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Nothing I can say about Tannifer that hasn't been said. Uggggggggg...

Was never a Chloe fan. Still am not. In fact, I think I dislike her even more. What a waste of Nancy's return. Boring. Anything Tan-related is fucking BORING!

Color me shocked, Gabi had a brain cell working today. Too bad she's still dull as dishwater and I just don't care about her.

Even more shocking is that I enjoyed the Hell out of EJ's scenes with Sonny. Not an EJ fan either, but I actually appreciated that he was scheming. And I'm ALL for Sonny tapping into his Kiriakisness. Sure, it's all kinds of WTF, but the entire show is all kinds of WTF so I'll take whatever pleasures I can get from it. The EJAMI scene was even tolerable. Schemers should scheme. But I'm still pissed that all the drama is going to these two when it should be spread out to a shitload of other characters. I need more Lucas and Kate here, dammit. And instead of having Abby fret about her regenerated hymen or propping St. Orange and the White-Out harpie, couldn't she maybe have SOME thoughts on everything that's going on with her family????? I mean she's related to Nick and to Will and is clearly friends with Sonny? This is supposed to be a s/l rooted in that age group, no?

I also enjoyed Eric's couple of one-liners. And he wasn't SOn of Creamed Spinach today. Good job articulating, GV!!! I need Nicole and Eric to be more interesting than they are, though. I think Lysie has said it before...It's like the writers take every potentially good story and make it as undramatic as possible. I'm tired of Nicole lusting after men and whining all the time. And Eric is just flat. Vargas? I don't know. We'll see, I guess. I hope he turns out to be a decent villain.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!! Will in this episode. And anyone calling SlamPig out on her shit brightens my day. More snarky Will, please! And as many have stated...some balls would be nice too. I really want all of this to build to a GOOD Will & Nick confrontation. I think CM could have the chops for it if they'd just write it, dammit! I'm still hating Crazy Eyed Nick, which is definitely a credit to BB.
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