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Mar 22 2013, 08:22 AM
Mar 22 2013, 08:05 AM
Mar 22 2013, 07:47 AM
DiMeraFan67, the acting during the hotel scene with John, Marlena and Brady gave me a flashback to how Dee and Drake acted sometimes during the Lagan contrived way out-from-left-field story line of Brady hating Marlena when Kyle Lowder first came on the show. I've been getting a similar vibe from the DHs during that time and today.
I love them, but it seems like they are not willing to play ball with this story. I would call it unprofessional if it were other people, but they have earned the right to be shown a little respect. The story is horrible for those two.
I didn't really have a significant issue with the acting that day per se (keeping in mind that it's be hard for Eric and Drake to do much worse than what I expect). I mean, EM and Drake were the same as always and Deidre didn't have anything to do anyway. That's more my issue. Why give the meat of the story to Drake and Eric and leave Deidre standing in the background and Eileen talking to herself and and the characters in the other weak story? But my biggest issue with the show right now is that none of the relationships make any sense. They have managed to throw a bunch of couples and friendships and alliances together without really working through any obstacles and making sure to ignore their histories and basicslly just skipping the drama all the way around. All the improved dialogue in the world doesn't make these things make sense. There is something off with all of the actors, though, and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I could pinpoint it if I could sit through an entire episode, but they're all over the place. The acting issues I had this week were more with people like James and Freddie. It's not so much that it was bad, it just didn't fit. Everything I saw Wednesday and Thursday was more like a stand alone vignette than an episode of a serial drama.
Oh, I agree. The writing for John and Marlena has been an all-over-the-place WTF. So much of what we are seeing now would make a lot more sense if we the audience knew that John, Marlena and Brady were working together to bring Kristen down (although I have a hard time believing John would be okay with his son sleeping with a woman in order to get close to Kristen to get information on her master plan) and that John and Marlena were faking their break-up. This would add another layer to the Bristen relationship if both Brady and Kristen were playing each other and would make their "wedding" more dramatic if we didn't know who was going to dump who first (or not as both of them would develop real feelings for each other during their seduction game). Again, I can't really see John endorsing Brady using a woman this way, even if it is Kristen, but I would rather see that than what we are seeing now. Or maybe to avoid that, John and Marlena could be working together (faking a break-up to lure Kristen into a false sense of security) and Brady could be shown talking over his plans at the Titan office with Victor, thus working independently of each other. So you would have John/Marlena and Brady/Victor working against Kristen (an added benefit of this would be to see Victor going back to his wonderful scheming roots). There is so much potential here for a good soapy story, but as usual, Days isn't pulling it off.
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