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We really can't say that until next week. There were pretty big external factors for this week, so while the drop seems extreme it's not as simple as the show just sucks. And I agree that the show sucks but there's no getting around the pre-emption's effects.

And yeah, I live in the south too and we didn't have any sports related pre-emptions. Idk that we ever have.

They're guaranteed a bump next week. It will be interesting to see how much of one they get.
Just curious...why is Days guaranteed a bump next week?
because they had such a big loss this week. It's normal for them to bump when they had a big loss....but what has been happening of late isn't good because they lose big, bump big and then they lose equally as big.

IMHO, the NCAA thing happens every year and Days has been crashing around March for the past 2/3 years....what happened years before? I don't remember them crashing years before around this time. I remember that soaps use to be really strong from November through March then they would start slowing down and see their ratings decrease over the summer only to pick up again by the fall. What has occurred the last couple of years is that Days can't even do good consistently from November through March....the show starts heading south around end of January...it's happened the last couple of years and it's not a good trend.

Pre emptions or no.... for me, right now, the show sucks bigtime, and it's not due to just one actor, character or couple. The storylines are slow moving and go in circles week after week, they are mostly plot driven, history has been ignored or forgotten, and most of the characters have been destroyed to the point where I don't even recognize most of them anymore.
Sure there were some high points last week like the Lumi scheming and Nancy's scenes, but that was really about it... the rest was boooorrring and even difficult to watch and nothing to keep viewers' interest to want to keep watching day after day.
IMO, this week hasn't been much better. I had to force myself to watch yesterday's show and that was with FF through the Dannifer scenes. The scary part is that from the spoilers we have gotten so far thru the week of April 1st...and I realize they are only partial spoilers... things aren't looking much better. There may be a bump next week, but I am betting it won't be much of one from what I saw this week.
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