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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

It's definitely disappointing to see DAYS losing ground after they seemed to be on an upswing. And not just ratings wise. I had been feeling the overall quality of the show was much improved since the first of the year, but the last week or two have definitely found me struggling to maintain my interest level.

IMO, the baby storyline is solid and they've done a good job of integrating a variety of characters into it. Outside of that I can't think of any other storylines that are nearly as interesting. The Ericole stuff is promising...but they really need to pick up the pace on it. And just as they have with the baby story - they need to weave a few more players into it. The Jarlena vs. Bristen stuff could have been so much better but they've done a really poor job of establishing WTH John is thinking and why he's acting like such a dick to Marlena. Cameron/Abby/Chad is just silly. And the Danifer/Chloe crap is a hot mess.

Here's hoping they'll find a way to inject some of the same good qualities in the Wabi baby story into the other stuff - or minimize the focus on the other stories.
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