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First, I would like to thank Julie Marie Berman whose portrayal of Lulu played a big part in introducing me to the wonderful and at times exasperating world of General Hospital. I will miss her as Lulu, and wish her the best in her future career.

The last week or so has been pretty slow on GH, but I can tell from the last two days momentum starting to build for the 50th Anniversary events next month. I kind of suspected Britt was connected to the evil doctor from Switzerland but I'm glad their connection reveal means things are picking up for the April events. It was also great to have Bobbie back on the canvas, and oh, the end! Just seeing Nikolas hug Laura was just what I needed.

I really wish MarDar on Days had been able to do for that show what Cartini have done for GH. Don't get me wrong---it's not perfect (for example, the story line pacing is awful at times and I haven't loved everything they've done) but the landscape of Port Charles looks much different today compared to December 2011 when their rewrites began. Jason is gone, Sonny and Carly aren't in every story, and the mob has virtually disappeared. There is a much different vibe about the show, and vets have been brought back and written for with respect. I loved the conversation between Felicia and Anna yesterday along with Frisco and Maxie. I predict GH's 50th is going to be one big beautiful mess---the way John Ingle's last scene as Edward Quartermaine was written and the Thanksgiving tribute that made me cry gives me hope that Frank and Ron are going to make an honest effort to pay tribute to this show. We're getting probably one last Nurses Ball with the Spencer/Cassadine feud revisited with Nikolas, Luke, Laura, and Helena (and Ethan!) and a slew of other vets (Monica interacting with Rick and Alan, even if they are ghosts).

One last note---if Days isn't going to use the talented and handsome Wally Kurth, I would love to see Ned back on GH mixing it up with Tracy, AJ and Alexis. I would also love it if Eddie Maine made an appearance in his trademark leather pants at the Ball!
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