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ABC Hotsheets Spoilers For The Week of March 25:

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This week on General Hospital, countdown to our 50th Anniversary with action-packed adventure, intense hospital drama and heartwrenching romantic triangles! Watch for jet-setting scenes with Luke & Laura as the Spencers tackle their lifelong family feud with the Cassadines!

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Speaking of Cassadines, how shocked were you to see Nikolas return?! Well, guess what -- everyone else is, too! He's got some news that may lead to Lulu's whereabouts but, as luck would have it, someone goes to great lengths to keep that information concealed.

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Meanwhile, Dante and Anna do their part to track down Lulu. They think they will find their answers on the Haunted Star, but a few pesky obstacles get in the way. Once they get there, they'll be in for a big shock.

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Seemingly out of harm's way, Patrick is ready to reveal his true feelings for Sabrina. That, and Felicia turns to an unlikely source for advice. Things get ugly and Felicia may be forced to choose sides before she's ready.

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Finally, plans for the Nurses Ball are underway! Rehearsals begin and a special guest choreographer pops in. Unfortunately, other people are brewing plans for the Nurses Ball, too -- countdown to a very, very big surprise this week.

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to this week?

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