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Y&r cnd fri/ us mon lizdabest @ soc
BM is doing the intro, he talks about Chilly, Billy and Sharon's affair, Jack, Victoria saying she saved Billy's life, EB, Victor, Villy's marriages, He listed Billy's all love interest : Amber, Chloe, Sharon, Heather, Lily, Chelsea. He talks about Jill, Cane, DG

Adam takes the bullet aimed at Victor. Noah finds Sharon at the tack house. Sharon isn't happy to learn that Adrianna was with Noah. She shows him Adrianna's panties she found. Phyllis throws Kyle out of Jack's office. She confronts him. Kyle says he isn't interested in Summer but cant control Summer. Victor is trying to stop Adam from bleeding as Nick and co are questioning Bob.

Kyle says he isnt hitting on Summer. Phyllis says she is being a mama bear and warns him that Summer wont give up. She asks him to stay away from Summer. She calls Nick to call her back, Summer is upset that Phyllis would rat her out to Nick. Alex reads Bob's Miranda rights but Bob warns them. Alex calls Paul to let him know. Wheeler overheard and approaches Paul but Paul doesn't have time to talk. Alex, Nick, Billy interrogate Bob who is laughing at their faces.

Victor asks everybody to leave the house because of the gas. Avery tries to rough off Bob but Nick asks her to take Nikki and Abby out. Nick proposes Victor to move Adam but Victor says no cause its too dangerous and says he wont leave his son. Nikki says she wont leave without Victor either. Noah and Sharon argue over Adrianna. Noah calls out her on Adam. Nick and Victor tries to convince Nikki to get out. Nikki feels bad so Victor has to leave Adam with Nick. Victoria returns and says she wont leave without Billy. Billy finds the bomb.

Upset Summer confronts Phyllis for calling Nick to rat her out. She defends herself. Phyllis accuses her of trying to seduce Kyle because everything Summer tries she has already done. Phyllis says she doesnt need tricks to seduce a guy. She says she wants something special for Summer's first time. (Phyllis looked sad talking about her first time, wonder what happened?)

Billy diffused the bomb. Paul is at the scene. Nikki tells Victor that without Adam he would have been dead. They say they have to rush to the ER. Victor punches Bob, he threatens him that if his son dies he will make him pay. Summer asks why cant Kyle be the one. Phyllis says he cant be. Summer accuses her on sexism and bets that Phyllis never lectured Daniel because he is a boy. Phyllis says Daniel never tried to date older woman. Phyllis tells her having sex with Kyle wont make him like you and she will end up being hurt. Phyllis beg her to move on and back off. Kyle finds a distrassed Abby at GCAC. She tells him about the shooting, Wheeler is listening. Navery find Sharon at the tack house. Sharon sees blood on Nick 's shirt. Nick tells her that Adam has been shot. Paul and Alex interrogate Bob who isnt willing to talk. Paul threatens Bob. Nikki comforts Victor at the ER telling him that Adam will survive because he is like Victor. She refuses to leave him alone. Sharon arrives asking for Adam. Nictor look at her with 'WTF' look.

Summer reluctantly agrees to be Kyle's friend. Phyllis seems happy. But she warns her to not do stuffs that she will later regret and she has to wait for someone special. Summer leaves. Phyllis cancels her trip. Summer sends a text to Kyle. Abby asks Alex about Adam's condition. Wheeler is listening. Nikki looks annoyed with Sharon being there. Victor asks the doctor to do everything to save his son's life. Summer meets Noah at CL. She wants to start whining about Phyllis but Noah is in a bad mood. Summer says Phyllis is going to Istanbul. She says she will give him advice for Adrianna. Noah says when Nick and he want her to stay away from Kyle its because they love her. She asks him to dump Adrianna. Noah says Summer sounds more sincere than Sharon. They talk about their moms. Nick gets update from Victor about Adam. Avery tries to comfort him. Nick thinks the shooting was linked to her case but Avery doesnt believe it. Nick kinda proposes. Villy are back home. Victoria is still shaken. She is grateful for what Billy did saving their lives. Nikki just rolled her eyes at Sharon. Sharon whisperer something in Adam's ears as he goes to surgery. Victor cries

Lickey. Dylan asking Avery if she is asking him to be her friend. At the hospital Chelsea asking Sharon who would want to kill Victor, Victor appearing saying thats what he is trying to find out
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