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Mar 22 2013, 02:39 PM
I'm usually a firm believer that no one character or no one pairing brings down the ratings for Days.

But for the love of all that is holy, they need to fire Shawn Christian NOW and they need to get rid of Fetch. This Jonas-centric focus that's been happening on this show for the last few years is RUINING it. The more airtime they give him, the more people tune out in droves.

Seriously, what is it going to take? Or are they deliberately trying to run the show into the ground?

ITA & the only time I enjoyed a story that involved Dan was when Bo was sick & he was his doctor. However, if you look at any posting on Days FB page, SC is adored there by fans. There isn't as much pro-dannifer as there was when Jack was around, but there's still a lot. Maybe TIIC pay more attention to FB feedback than any other? :shrug: All I know for sure is I hate Dannifer. LOL
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