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Sometimes the preemptions depend on where you live in the south. I remember this was always discussed on SON around this time of year (Toups used to bring it up) and a friend of mine even mentioned it to me in the past. It's regional coverage of conference tournaments. It often depends when certain teams are playing. Same goes for the NCAA Tournament this week. It may just be on CBS but depending on whose playing and when, it can hurt Days and GH. Not to mention all the people who just watch the tournament because of what it is and not just for certain teams. The soaps used to do ok opposite the tournament some years but as the audience eroded that was no longer the case.

We're also heading into spring too where all of TV (daytime and primetime) loses viewers. It happens every year now and always starts around the time clocks move ahead and hour. Primetime ratings have been stinking it up all month and all the soaps have been losing viewers too. This isn't just a Days issue although the younger your audience skews, the more decline you'll have so Days and GH will lose more because they skew younger. One more thing to consider that people forget is the season to date numbers which are the only set of numbers that include later DVR viewings. Those are just as important. Days is doing FANTASTIC there and they've gone up I believe +1 there over the last two months. All the soaps are doing well season to date, which tells me based on the pattern of the last few months that the weeks where any of the soaps go up big is just the same audience being able to watch live or on the same day (they may be snowed in or school may be out or something) and when the numbers drop big it's that same audience no longer being home or being busy so they can't watch until later. Either way, the audience is there. It just depends when they watch and where they show up in the data. Do they show up in the live +same day data or the season to date/later DVR viewing data? Both sets of numbers matter so Days has no reason to panic. None of the soaps do. You worry if both sets of numbers are down for a substantial period and that is not the case.

Oh, and MarDar only got fired last year because Corday wanted them. NBC clearly wanted Tomlin back. NBC did what they did in 2003 when they forced JER on Days. They forced Tomlin on Days because they didn't like MarDar and wanted the show to have a vision they support. So, what happened last year wasn't the typical Corday panicking. He never acts so quick to fire a writer. He usually forces a writer to go through several rewrites and vision changes before firing them. Firing MarDar that quick was not his style at all. So, I don't think you'll see Tomsell go anywhere, especially given they have NBC's stamp of approval.
The NCAA basketball stuff is on CBS as well as some of the cable channels ESPN etc
it isn't on NBC or ABC
so it should have no impact on Days. Well except for Days fans
watching basketball coverage instead of Days LOL
Exactly my point. People may have gone to the games, worked the games, or watched the games. Days and GH are both big in the south and certain schools in the south have very huge fanbases for college basketball.

I'm not saying the show hasn't dropped a little in terms of quality this month. It's slowed down but that happens to every show and has to happen. I've been saying it for years and I stand by it. Quality hardly every impacts the ratings. There is no rhyme or reason to them. Outside factors have far more to do with them than how good or bad a show is. That's been proven time and time again. I would still say this even if Days or any other show did well. I would still believe it had more to do with weather or some other factor and not how good the show was.
I don't understand why you're digging for external factors. Seriously? People were at basketball games? Days had a HUGE loss, and we know of one external factor that there's no getting around. They also never did rebound, which is actually a little unusual. And we're supposed to buy that this particular week it also dropped because people were watching basketball? The ratings rarely line up with my personal opinion, so I'm with you on the show quality thing, but come on. The pope stuff interfered with the show's ratings and it also happened to be a pretty crappy week quality wise. Basketball has nothing to do with anything.
It certainly could have. It has in the past, particularly once the big tournament starts (hence why I wouldn't be shocked to see bad numbers for this past Thursday and Friday).

Some years it doesn't have as big an impact but it has had an impact in the past. Therefore, I decided to bring it into the discussion. It's ok if you disagree. I'm used to being disagreed with. I just think people shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the theory because it has been proven in the past at times. It seems most people always assume it's the quality or only the major factors (like the Pope) but sometimes stuff like sports, even if it's only regional coverage, can make a difference too. Clearly, you don't think so. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Back to lurkdom I go. I said my piece.
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